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'Goatworshipping Metal' review 5

Voices from the Darkside (

Goatworshipping Metal
(Grotesque Productions)

I’m not 100% sure if it is a great choice to title your album “… Metal”, nevertheless I have to admit that the prefix “Goatworshipping” sounds really cool to me, therefore let’s agree to consider  “Goatworshipping Metal” as a great album title, haha. Without any doubt great and outstanding is the coverartwork done by infamous Selfdesecrator. This artwork is magnificent, it is awesome and fits just perfect to the mixture of Black and Death Metal that ERED are presenting us on their newest release. With their “Incarnated Horror” MCD they already convinced me in being a good NECROPHOBIC-styled Metal band, with “Goatworshipping Metal” they succeed even more. Still valid and most prominent is the NECROPHOBIC influence, but I also hear a lot of DISSECTION (‘Winds Of Damnation’) and old DARK FUNERAL (‘Dynasty Of Adversary’) here and there, though especially when considering the last mentioned band ERED manage it just perfect not to go too much in the Black Metal dumbness and still add a certain Death and Thrash Metal rawness. When talking about Black Metal, I even had THE BLACK in my mind, just listen to the cool ‘Burn The Book Of Lies’, where the band uses the great raw vocalstyle and the drive THE BLACK were so outstanding for. It’s a pity that this band never got the recognition they deserved and I’m not sure if ERED had this influence during the writing process of this song… Nevertheless, who cares, they gave me that impression and even if this namedropping doesn’t make ERED original, it’s still meant as a huge compliment. Basically I can’t find anything negative here, even the sound is fantastic (recorded by Wero at Alamo Studio and mixed by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio). I had fairly a lot of listens of “Goatworshipping Metal” now which brought me to the conclusion that this album is a killer recording and the perfect choice for fans of the mentioned bands. And for fans of high quality underground Metal music this is a must, too. Check out for ordering details.

Thomas Ehrmann

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